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The combination of Social , Cloud and Mobility enables the industry to derive new value propositions. The greatest of innovations in the industry that enables new use cases originates from the intersections of these three paradigms. At we analyse the industry in all these axes and try to converge critical findings to enable new derivations and patterns in industry.

The real value of these three ecosystems emerges 

  • from the intersections of the three paradigms 
  • from the innovations that exploit the innovations
  • from use cases that leverage the innovations to solve meaningful problems

Point of Views - Latest

Key Digital Enterprise Mobility predictions of 2015

December 30, 2014

Data Centric Transformations

October 19, 2014

The External Influences That Drive Mobility

September 20, 2014

Future of mobility will be different.

Mobility is influenced by the innovations around, to take a position beyond a platform/ foundation SMAC play. While we agree that mobility influences peer technologies as a channel of reach and richness, mobility as such gets influenced greatly by the merits …

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SLoDE Models for deriving innovative use cases from traditional and SoLoMo scenarios

May 31, 2014

 Today’s world of information centric technology and industry growth creates new value propositions from the way we approach, consume and decide based on the information available. The general trend we observe in patterns of innovations encircle around making the user offload some or even most  o…

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The Future of Mobile Applications

May 31, 2014

 Mobile applications enriched human lives beyond proportions by

  • quick access to critical informations
  • accelerated decision making
  • creation and consumption of digital contents
  • collaboration in online and offline modes
  • public information lookup and reference assisting decisions

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Retail - CPG Modernization and Transformation, Mobility Recipe

May 3, 2014

 Shopping via online is a reality which we are in nowadays and the ways we engage with ecommerce is  getting richer day by day .

 Some of the key mobility trends in retail sectors  are

   - Increasing mobile originated sales, tablet adoptions showing promising trends
   - Mobile only online…

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Why is Online-ness a relevant theme than offline for Social paradigms ?

February 25, 2014

This concept is philosophical than technical ...

What is the major impact Mobility created to social ?

Mobility made the flexibility to have Social Offline . That added Viral-ity because of the convenience to users.  Some examples are

  1. Mails and messages are great usecases because t…

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How mobility accelerates location based selling for Retailers ?

February 24, 2014

Customer intelligence gathered is a key aspect to enable need based selling of products.  While social platforms enable a wish list to be created; there is the need of understanding the context of customer and push relevant information across customers to enable purchases.

Customers get influenc…

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MDM consolidation is the industry norm , GOOD to acquire Boxtone

February 23, 2014

Mobility platform consolidation in the enterprise mobility management space is what we are seeing the key norm

Some of the past key collaborations in the past include

  • CA licenses SAP Afaria  to create a wider suite of products
  • Airwatch gets acquired by Vmware for appliance manageability
  • IBM…

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Next Generation Mobility Platform Plays and Innovation areas

February 23, 2014

Mobility transformation are always challenged with the realities of roadmap friendliness and technology complexity. While these paradigms have to piggy back on the device platform side innovations, enterprises get their roadmap safe by 

  • generalized approaches
  • mobile friendly workf…

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